PopularSoda is a few months old now. We’ve been tweeting ebook news, writing blog articles, and connecting with writers since the beginning of the year. And through all that, we learned something:

We’re not interested in being a general ebook blog. Our real passion is finding, encouraging, and rewarding professionalism in independent or self-published ebooks.

Don’t worry, we’ll still cover the same basic areas. We still plan to offer self-publishing contests and award prizes for writing, cover art and design, and marketing.

However, we’ll be examining ebook technolgy, industry news, marketing, and the editing and design processes from a new perspective. A business perspective.

See, we don’t want to just help you self-publish any old ebook. At PopularSoda, we want to help you publish your best possible ebook. Whether it’s helping you find an editor, explaining how to avoid common cover mistakes, keeping tabs on relevant ebook news, or figuring out an appropriate marketing strategy for your ebook, we’ll do everything we can to help you get a polished final product.

Our interview with Michelle Halket of Central Avenue Publishing got our blog off to a great start. Central Avenue is a lovely example of effective independent publishing. (PS- they’re celebrating their third anniversary next week so you know they’re doing something right.)

Here at PopularSoda, we’re collaborating with designers, marketers, and copy editors on upcoming articles designed to help independent authors.

We also want to know what YOU want. Are you stumped on marketing? Confused about covers? Drop us a line on our contact page! We’re here to help.

Though you might be self-publishing, you are not alone.

Popular Soda