About PopularSoda

Thanks for checking out PopularSoda! This blog will no longer be updated, but we’ve left the archives online for your reading pleasure. Thank you for the support, and keep writing!


Here at PopularSoda, we believe ebooks can and should be held to higher standards. We are committed to rewarding and encouraging professionalism in self-published ebooks.

On this site, we plan to feature promising self-published authors, write independent reviews, and award ebook prizes for writing, cover art and design, and marketing.

For those still working on their ebooks, we currently have advice on creating or commissioning cover art, finding the right editor (and picking the type of editing), and establishing yourself and your books through social media.

In addition, we’re working on ways to help you connect with industry professionals such as book doctors, copy editors, graphic designers, and marketing experts. In short, we’ll help you create your best ebook.

Write with your heart. Publish with your head.

Popular Soda <3

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