There are famous stories of typos which ended up costing millions of dollars for the offending party. The Mizuho Securities stock sale of 2005 cost the Japanese company $225M because of transposed numbers.

Losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a typing error, however tragic, is also rare. Money-based typos are more frequent and widespread on smaller scales, such as inaccurate (and sometimes ridiculous) pricing on menus of local restaurants. You’ve probably come across the common but inelegant solution of handwritten price stickers slapped on the plastic sheath of the menu.

Online, marketing errors are a bit more complicated to fix, especially since the company must both correct the typo and deal with potentially widespread and anonymous customer backlash.

Here’s a real-world pricing error we came across while looking for online storage services.

This cloud storage service advertised 10GB of online storage for only a dollar per month.

The offending advertisement

This is the ad with the company name removed.

However, when it was time to pay, there was a little problem